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As the leading professional body for resource and waste professionals, CIWM is the voice of the resources and wastes sector and represents over 5,000 individuals and organisations in the UK and overseas. Through our members and our wholly owned subsidiaries WAMITAB and CIWM Enterprises, the CIWM group has a unique understanding of the sector.

Our professional knowledge and trusted reputation enables us to inform and influence legislation and policy, playing a vital part in shaping the future role and reputation of the sector.


Making the best and safest use of resources to protect and enrich life on our planet


To influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste

CIWM Membership 

Choose from a range of membership grades including Chartered qualifications and enjoy a range of attractive member benefits.

Sector-leading Training 

Give your team the tools to develop their skills, update their knowledge and ensure their competence through our wide range of training courses.  

Conferences and Exhibitions

Hear from thought-leaders and innovators and join the debates on the latest hot topics at CIWM's range of events and conferences

Technical Advice and Support

Access reliable and independent advice from our team of technical experts.  

Networking Opportunities

Join an online community, attend local and national events and meet your peers at a CIWM regional centre or special interest group.

Sector News

Keep up to date on the latest news and hot topics via the CIWM Journal Website, sign up for the CIWM Journal Newsletter, or become a member and receive the CIWM Journal magazine and dedicated CIWM Member Newsletter.

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Media Pack

06/04/2017 11:44am

The CIWM events and media portfolio offers you a whole range of cost-effective solutions for marketing your products and services to potential resource and waste management customers.


Training Brochure

06/04/2017 11:46am

Invest in sustainability, resource and waste management training from CIWM and you can be sure of the highest quality and measurable results.

Many of our training courses provide the vital knowledge and understanding needed to make your waste and resource management more ‘circular’ and our team of education and training experts monitor and update our courses to ensure they include the latest legislation and best-practice advice.

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13/06/2018 09:00am - Resourcing the Future Conference
03/10/2018 09:00am - Scottish Resources Conference
12/09/2018 02:00pm - The CIWM Gala Dinner at RWM

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