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Clean Carbon Conversion AG
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Clean Carbon Conversion AG

1. The Ultra-High-Temperature Hydrolysis (UHTH®) process meets the strictest environmental regulations – Bavaria Germany and California Clean Air Act. (No emissions / no toxic or dangerous residues – in other words: ‘no waste from waste’).
a) The indirect, intense thermal energy, in the absence of oxygen, reduces the material to a clean combustible gas and a non-leachable, non-hazardous, inorganic solid residue.
2. The carbon conversion process has clean outputs:
a. Synthetic gas for the generation of clean energy
b. A clean, inert, sand-like, non-leachable, solid residue (less than 5% remaining) which is easy to dispose of and can be reused in road construction, the manufacture of cement, etc.
3. Modular 25 tonnes/day, small footprint.
4. Financing available with strong business plan through European Community financial organisations. Or, CCC can Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer the plant, or CCC can arrange a Leasing agreement with the customer, or CCC will sell the technology

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