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Ecohog Ltd.
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Ecohog Ltd.

The company has worked closely with waste processors for several years to understand their unique requirements and have designed and continue to develop units that best serve customers and the industry as a whole.
Ecohog's mission is simple, Ecohog are Hungry for Waste, helping the recycling world through customer focused, cost effective technology on a global scale.
Specialising in air and metal separation Ecohog manufactures static, semi mobile and tracked units including the Ecohog Windshifter and HogMag Eddy Current ranges. Ecohog also have the EH-81 Airhog, designed for the removal of ultra-light fractions such as papers and plastics. The standalone unit is adaptable to any moving conveyance system or can be incorporated onto the Ecohog Windshifter or the HogMag to maximise separation. . Suitable for processing various applications such as: Scrap Metal, C&D & C&I, Waste Wood, MSW, SRF / RDF, MRF Glass & Compost.
Tel: 0044 28 8076 1295

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