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Remondis UK Ltd

Remondis UK Ltd is part of the largest waste management company in Germany, Remondis AG & Co.KG, which in turn is owned by the Rethmann family under the operating company Rethmann AG & Co.KG which comprises 3 divisions Remondis, SARIA bio-Industries and RHENUS logistics. The UK business is based in Prescot, Merseyside. Previously, we had been successfully operating from the same site in Bolton for over 40 years. The broad range of waste management and recycling services the company was able to offer led to a steady increase in our business to such an extent that we had outgrown this facility. In recognition of this success the parent company committed to spend £10m on the first fully BAT approved waste management and recycling centre in the country. Our state of the art facility opened in 2013. Services • Transfer frontier shipment (TFS) of flammable solids, oily wastes and organic wastes to Remondis waste to energy plants on the continent, offering an R code for recovery not available in the UK. • Recovery of silver from photographic chemicals. • WEEE recycling. • Plastic recycling. • Metal recycling. • Recovery of precious metals from dental amalgam. • Metal recovery from spent catalysts. • Manufacture of solid replacement fuel for use in cement kilns. • Recovery of silver from photographic film & X-rays. • RDF

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